December 10, 2014

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Isis receive notes of support from every continent after twitter charm attacking

'We thank you ISIS':From usa to rome to australia upsetting notes from every continent show support for islamist jihadis terrorising iraq after group's twitter charm offensive

Members of the sunni militant group vow to 'spread the truth' in storm that can't be moderated or blockedusing specific hash tag, they will respond to questions, lambast suggestions, and increase the extremist group's actionslast night, president barack announced plans to unleash air strikes on militants and strongholdsisis fighters man checkpoints around refinery despite claims by iraqi troops these folks were in 'complete control' of plantthey took chemical weapons facility built by saddam hussein, one of former leader's advisers is 'key member' of zuhair al nahar claims the isis insurgency gripping the country is 'a catastrophe of freakish scale'pm nouri al maliki facing growing pressure to resign over claims he has alienated iraq's sunni minoritypeace brigades held to protect shrines in holy shiite city of najaf following calls from cleric muqtatda al sadrmia de graaf

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And jon hall09:14 GMT, 20 June 2014

19:47 GMT, 20 June 2014

Twitter users across the country have pledged their allegiance to isis in slew of disturbing posts to the extremist

The jihadis launched a blitzkrieg hit on the website at 10.30am, Vowing North Face Outlet: to 'spread the truth' behind their brutal attacks that even Al Qaeda have ruined.

The many hash tag alleyesonisis, extremist martial artists flooded the social media site with propaganda, luring somewhat insecure people to join them in iraq.

And in a few minutes, their stunt which twitter is powerless to block or moderate was met with chilling messages of support from countries around the world from rome to australia, europe to america, south africa to nepal.

It comes just hours after us web design manager

Barack recorded plans to unleash air strikes on iraq as world

Leaders warn of 'a catastrophe of freakish scale'.

Browse down for video

'Give your nice cars, Your work, Your spouse and come to jihad feel our happiness':Isis releases chilling recruitment video utilizing three young british extremists

Petraeus says the us must launch military strikes against isis terror army as former general claims to be greatly 'disappointed' iraq has descended into chaos

'I make use of any brother to take North Face Sale UK up a knife and kill as they did colchester':British isis fighter who threatens another to uk urges british muslims to avenge murder of saudi woman in essex

A single person from kosovo drew love hearts around their message, gushing 'we all accept you isis'.

In swiss, a myspace user also shared a heart shaped isis logo to show their support.

Throughout the world, around australia, a hand written poster was captured pics of pledging allegiance.

Together with in south africa, yet another tweeted a photo of pink cupcakes bearing isis flags.

The users behind the storm declared everything will be converted into english, sparking fears that british web users will be the targets of the storm.

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